LEC First Batch – Feedback

According to feedback received from the Mumbai Mobile Creches (MMC), its staff had rarely had an opportunity to participate in an intensive learning course. The course therefore was an excellent learning experience for both Ms. Manisha and Ms. Sandhya, the two participants. The course helped MMC to think through its strategy on use of storybooks and early literacy and how learnings from the course could reach others in the organization. Pilot course saw 93% course completion rate and all participants felt that the course had been an opportunity for professional development. Areas for further improvement in course content, design and offering were also identified. Based on the encouraging response from the pilot course in Hindi, the Trust hopes to institutionalize the course in a suitable academic organization and develop the course in 2-3 more languages to read larger and wider set of participants in years to come.

“Participants developed good understanding of importance of libraries for children, how to set them up, and also benchmarks for good quality children’s literature. This knowledge base has helped us to form library corners at our centres, and participants can now facilitate selection of appropriate books for our library programme. Participants were able to inculcate love for reading by linking reading with play activities. We could see the positive impact of these sessions on children and plan to extend this approach to other centres.” – Mumbai Mobile Creches