Library Educators Course

The library course aims to enable library educators to conceptualize library as a shared space for all curricular areas, especially reading for pleasure. The course content is designed to capacitate and sensitize library educators to respond to the context-specific needs of their children, school and community. Finally, it aims to develop an understanding about children’s literature and ways of engaging with it to make bring books and literature alive for children.

Under its Parag initiative, the Tata Trusts partnered with Vidya Bhawan Society, Udaipur to develop and  offer the Library Educator’s Course (LEC) from September 2013 – March 2014. This is first of its kind course for practitioners, teachers, librarians who work with children and books, to build their understanding and skills to effectively design library sessions with children.  A 2011 study of status and key challenges faced by organizations running school and community based libraries for children revealed that developing capacity of library professionals was a major need. The course is also timely in the climate of Right to Education Act in the country where libraries are mandated and recognized as vital spaces and energizers for learning, though there are no avenues to build capacity of teachers or professionals to promote reading through libraries